Welcome! We’re Matt and Alysha.

We’re Matt and Alysha, the two endlessly curious gluten free foodies behind Wheatless Wanderlust. We believe that travel is about learning, discovery, and connection. When we travel, we always opt for experiences over just having a list of places to check off.

We write detailed travel guides to help you forge deeper connections when you travel, and we’ll hopefully help you discover something new along the way.

From our travel experience, we know that you remember feelings, not places.

Nobody remembers the Louvre because of the number of different pieces of art. They remember the moment they saw the Mona Lisa and said to themselves “wait, that’s it?”

Or the time they missed out on the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London because they had to go to the bathroom so bad after their first experience with spicy Indian food (that was definitely Matt on his first trip to London).

Sure, you’re going to see the main attractions when you travel to a place like Rome, but you’re also going to save time to explore a few neighborhoods that most visitors never make it to, connect with a local chef in a cooking class, and eat and drink your way through the city.

In our itineraries – our bread and butter – you’re going to find a mix of the main attractions as we see them and the best way to experience them (spoiler: it’s almost always with a guided tour with an expert), and a mixture of different experiences – food tours, cooking classes, walking tours – that will put you in a position to connect with locals and other travelers and learn a thing or two along the way.

We’re here to help you plan an unforgettable adventure full of memorable experiences that will have you turning to your travel companion in 20 years and reminiscing about that one time you did something amazing.

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